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The Purple Dragon Puppet Troupe is an absolutely magical adventure. Frontenac Mall's Centre Court was transformed into a fantasy land.

I would not have believed it unless I had seen it with my own eyes ... how hundreds and hundreds of children could be so incredibly quiet and intensely interested during the performance.

The Purple Dragon Puppet Troupe provided a first-rate show that was professionally set up with very little assistance or co-ordination by Frontenac Mall staff.

An absolute must if you are considering childrens' entertainment. Frontenac Mall merchants and customers still comment on the show and incredible crowds.

Educational, delightful, professional, magical, musical and much more. You won't be disappointed.

Marketing Director
Frontenac Mall

"When I walked into the gym I could tell it would be good. /I Grade 5 Student
" ... sheer excellence, a magical blend of music and imagination that left me with the true Christmas spirit." /I
" ... it brought us back to a time before television was the main source of entertainment." /I
" ... a truly magic moment in the library ... "/1
" ... necessary for human wellness ... /1 Faculty of Education Professor
"I overheard many happy comments; kids telling their parents their favourite parts of the show. Parents, in the days that followed, came up to me to express their enjoyment and gratitude. " /I
"One very bright spot of the weekend was the performance of the Purple Dragon Puppet Troupe. Their shows were colourful, funny, thoughtful and consistently entertaining. There were many different voices, lots of rapid costume changes, and the musical accompaniment was excellent. The Purple Dragon Puppet Troupe was truly one of the highlights of the Festival of Friends Children's Stage." /I
"The parents were as thrilled as the children." /I
"One mother commented it was the best she'd ever seen ... no violence, no bad language, and her hyperactive child actually stayed put to watch!" /I
"According to the staff, the best 'thing' they've seen at the school."/l
"All of this and educational too!" /I
"It sounded so alive, so real. There were so many colours. It was funny, hilarious and great! " /I Grade 6 Student